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Some really great effects used there you can tell you really know your stuff even if the animation was realy simple.

You need to adjust the window size so it matches your swf.

Specked responds:

Oh I had no Idea this had happened, fixed! So sorry!

You are aware that panda's are predominately associated with China not Japan correct?

Sirrom396 responds:

maybe this panda moved to japan took up their beliefs and then got depressed, ever think of that?

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I may not agree with her but she has a right to her opinions. Besides this only furthers her point of view and gives her more attention thus making her more relevant. If you dislike her views it is better just ignore her and if it really comes up being a dignified response that actually proves the opposing point of view.


its nice you want to inform people but if anyone wanted to know any of this they would just have to google it and i really wouldn't mind it so much if you didn't do such sloppy design work

interesting idea but wrong medium and bad presentation to top off

IncendiaryProduction responds:

do you think that anyone would actually google this stuff? no. i was just trying to get rid of some of the ignorance about this topic. but most people like this game and the way its presented. its just one of those things where either you like it or you dont. but thanks for your opinion.


i did the 1st pic wooooooo so cool being in a big project like this tho i wish i had been a little more inspired at the time could have done sumthing not so weak

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you say wait through the start to get good

but the start is actually my favorite part. Great use of build up.


this is the sorta tracks I want for my game if I want to go for this I will let ya know and what not I am still in early development so I am just sampling atm however

hektikmusic responds:

sweet, yeah if you want to use this just let me know. good luck with your game and thanks for listening :)


i enjoy the guitar n untone melody they sound like opposing moods almost fighting off with eachother eachh trying to out do eachother

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This should have made front page.

TristanTait responds:

Thanks Man :) Oh well, Maybe next time

That smile is amazing haha.

Looks great. I would sharpen the background up a bit but very cool concept

MoonArtisan responds:

Okay! Thank you for the review!

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