Blacken the sun voice actors needed

2013-05-06 15:35:39 by aba1

Hey guys I am working on a game I plan to have published on various outlets such as Steam and Ouya in the future so I will be needing voice actors for some of the roles throughout my game. I will likely be a paid job once everything is said and done depending on your part. Everyone will of course be credited regardless of how minor the part. I am looking for a variety of roles and will be looking in various places for voice actors if you are interested in joining in please shoot me a line either here or through email.

The game has a website if you would like to check us out. I would love if people want to follow us the more support for us the better. We plan to put out a demo by the end of the summer time here on newgrounds for people to try out.

Blacken the Sun Website
Blacken the Sun Facebook page
Blacken the Sun Twitter
Blacken the Sun Google+

Thanks for all the help guys always loved newgrounds been here for a long time (as you can prolly tell from my rank)


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2013-05-06 16:59:18

Checked out the site, I'm all over this! I'll get you a line or 2 as soon as I can.

aba1 responds:

Sounds good can't wait to hear.


2013-05-06 18:38:11

Sounds cool. I'll shoot you something as soon as I can.

aba1 responds:

Awesome can't wait to hear from you.


2013-05-19 16:30:31

interesting :3 i may come along and try this out!


2013-05-19 16:30:33

interesting :3 i may come along and try this out!