Blacken the Sun game coming

2013-03-27 15:05:08 by aba1

Blacken the Sun is a mono chromatic puzzle platforming game with heavy stealth elements.

You play as a shadow named Luna as shadow who is attempting to find out what is going on after her village is attacked and she is left as possibly the only survivor. You will quickly gain a friend and the two of you will have to sneak through dangerous domain with the ever constant threat of traps enemies and light itself. There will be a large variety of areas as you traverse the world ranging from deep forests to giant metropolises and even full on warzones.

Check us out and follow us at:

Official site -
Facebook - f=hl
Twitter - en_thesun
Google + - /107628032521512690171/10 7628032521512690171/posts

We will be updating regularly on all fronts.

We will be needing to hire voice actors in near future and although we don't have any money to pay anyone at this point in time if you are interested please feel free to send me some of your work and we might be able to work something out. blackenthesunthegame@gmai


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2013-03-29 05:39:23

Have just sent you an email!
Sounds like a really great game :)